Turkey in the Umbrian way


1 turkey
1 sausage
pork rind
a bunch of aromatic herbs (rosmary, laurel and sage)
a couple of slices of soft bread
extra-virgin olive oil
white wine


Start preparing your turkey by taking a spoonful of butter and spreading it in the gap between the meat and the skin, trying not to break the skin.
Then start to prepare the filling. According to the size of your turkey, fill it with one sausage, some slices of bacon, a pork rind, one lemon – cut in 2 halves – and a small bunch of aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, some laurel and some sage.
Now seal off your turkey by placing 2 slices of bread into the cavity, and put the turkey into a pan.
Rub the surface with olive oil, some lemon sauce, a bit of white wine and season it with salt and pepper.
Add a couple of bacon slices on the top along with some other aromatic herbs.
Let it rest for about 24 hours to allow the turkey to take on flavour.
Pre-heat the oven to 180°C and cook the turkey for about 3 hours – 3 hours and half according to the size of your turkey.
If you want to see the video with the procedure just click here
Buon appetito!